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Sibylla Brown shares the joy of restoring an oak savanna near Leon in southern Iowa. The work by Sibylla and her husband, Bill, have sparked a restoration movement in the region. “Our lives have true substance. Each day is more exciting than the next” ~ Woodlands & Prairies, Fall 2011
Dear Friends,

Welcome to Woodlands & Prairies---the magazine for and about the people who are restoring the health of the land and protecting our natural resources.

It’s called ecological restoration. We call it common sense. It’s something all of us can do on our own piece of this Good Earth, whether we live in town or the country.

  • We’re about bringing back the prairies and restoring oak savannas.
  • About making the wetlands wet again, and replacing sterile lawns with wildlife-friendly deep-rooted native perennials.
  • About protecting endangered plants and animals and preserving our natural heritage.
  • About practicing sustainable forestry and sustainable agriculture.
  • About applying a system of land management based on native ecosystems that evolved over thousands of years.
  • The results are cleaner air, clearer water, richer soil, greater biological diversity, and healthier food from healthier land.
Land stewards are joining forces to get more work done. We recently ran a series of stories on group action to control Japanese knotweed and Japanese hop in watersheds. Download the reprint---A Tale of Two Species---here!
I think your magazine is great, especially for people who have a little land and need ideas about how to use it without damaging the environment.----T. B., Geneseo, Ill.

Excellent publication! Keep the issues coming! Have enjoyed the photos and content.---R. K.---Centerville, Oh.

Always enjoy the magazine…and the jokes----G. M., Glenside, Pa.

All of us can take part, whether it’s our back yard, the back 40 or a public park where we volunteer. Our readers are leading the way at the grassroots. Please join us ---

Rollie Henkes,
Editor & Publisher

Best magazine I get. Wish more folks cared about our plundered planet.---R. J., Elgin, Ia.
Dick Baker is restoring 125 acres of degraded woodlands and former crop ground near Iowa City, Ia. “The land will heal if you give it a helping hand. How lucky can you get for such an opportunity?” ~ Woodlands & Prairies, Spring 2010

I love it! Great writing about delightful and important subjects.---D. K., Minneapolis, Minn.

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Refreshing, entertaining and intelligent.---G. H., Indianapolis, Ind.

Doug and Betsy Lake joined their neighbors in Stillwater, Minn., to plant parts of their yards to prairie. "The plantings have brought us closer together as a community." ~ Woodlands & Prairies, Summer 2009.
Janet Allen, Syracuse, New York, switched from plants that decorate her garden to native plants that provide habitat. “I’m humbled to realize how important my little piece of earth can be, and that nothing less is at stake than the diversity of life itself.” ~ Woodlands & Prairies, Summer 2011.

WINTER 2012-2013 - Current Issue
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Keep up the good work. I think I might be in love with Mrs. Woods.---G. N., Browerville, Minn.

Loving it…Reading it…Learning from it…Thanks.---R. B., Blanchardville, Wis.

Jan Gibson became a leader in the Oak Openings restoration movement in northwestern Ohio after she learned that her yard in Holland, Ohio, contained the remnants of an important black oak/lupine savanna. "It was as if God led me to this place." ~ Woodlands & Prairies, Spring 2011.
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Preview this issue
Steven Apfelbaum and Susan Lehnhard have dedicated their lives to restoring the ecological health of a worn-out 80-acre farm in southern Wisconsin. “The joy of restoring a small piece of the Earth cannot be overstated, but we long to see the example supported and encouraged elsewhere.” ---Steven Apfelbaum. ~ Woodlands & Prairies, Fall 2011.

Your magazine is great. I love the stories about local eco-heroes.---P. C.---Lisle, Ill.

Winter 2011-12
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I love this magazine! I read the spring issue cover to cover.---S. B., Lawrence, Kan.

The winter 2011/12 issue is such an encouragement to all of us who strive to restore our woods and prairies.---A. F. New Sharon, Ia. Galen Bontrager produces free-range chickens and grass-fed beef on his farm near Wellman, Ia. “I’m growing food in a way that’s good for consumers and for the land.” ~ Woodlands & Prairies, Summer 2008.

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